Andrew Di Pardo is a multi-talented filmmaker born in Toronto, Canada. From 2006 to 2012, Andrew came up with several series concepts in which he and his collaborator felt were ready to be reviewed by networks in the USA. April 2012, he brought a sitcom called "Life is Hell" to a production company in Pittsburgh which showed strong interest in the idea. After months of negotiations the deal fell through. But Andrew didn't want to quit. He then approached his collaborator with the idea to create short films to showcase their talent. Afterwards they went ahead and produced fourteen Indie Films where they Wrote, Acted and Directed (from 2012 to 2015). "Deep Trouble," the most successful of  those films in which Andrew Directed, was accepted into two film festivals and was nominated for three awards, one being 'Best Director.'

After graduating from the Toronto Film School in 2015, Andrew then took on a new direction by Writing & Directing films in the United States of America such as "Under the Gun (2016)" & "Violators (2017)" along with working as the Director and Cinematographer on a feature-length comedy titled "The Rush Chairman (2017)." His most recent live-action short film in which he co-wrote and Directed titled "Decades Apart" was released on Amazon Prime (in 62 countries) in August of 2018. The years to follow, 2019 and 2020, "Decades Apart" was selected into two different Film festivals where it was nominated for "Best Short Film" and "Best Director in a Short Narrative." The film continues to receive positive feedback from viewers worldwide and has an upcoming theatrical release planned for Las Vegas, Nevada.

Andrew Di Pardo is now looking ahead to the future as he remains confident in the projects he's attached to that are in development.

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